Meet The Owner

My Name Is Jasmine Gray and I am the proud owner of Carter's Royalty. I was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. I am a Mother of two amazing Toddlers, Bentley, who is 1 and Terrance who is 3 years old. 

I Started Carters Royalty In 2014, while I was waiting for the arrival of my first son, Terrance. I always wanted to run my own store but at that time, I wasn't sure how to even start the process. After months of researching, I finally made my decision - a Children's store! Till this day, I am so happy I decided to turn my dream into reality. 

I Chose The Name Carters Royalty because my children's last names are Carter and I wanted them to be part of the store. I also believe every child is a Prince or Princess - hint, where Royalty came from. 

Our #1 Goal is to have affordable clothing and accessories, excellent customer service and provide the best one-stop-shop for your little one!


Jasmine Gray


Carter's Royalty Est.2014

Carter's Royalty, LLC BBB Business Review